3 things you can do to help children on co-parenting transition days

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Parenting Time

The day that a child goes from one parent’s house to the other parent’s house can be a very stressful day for them. Various reasons, including the emotional toll of the sadness of leaving one parent at a time when they’re joyful about seeing the other, can contribute to their stress on such days.

As a parent, it’s up to you to find ways to make the situation as stress-free as possible for them. Remembering these three things may help you to make these days easier for your children.

Keep conflict with your ex away from transition time

Seeing parents fight or argue is hard on children because they often feel like they’re caught in the middle of the situation. Instead of doing this on transition days, the focus should be on keeping the transition smooth and calm for the children. If there are things that need to be discussed, you can do this through a messaging app, texts, emails or a phone call after the transition time.

Prepare the children in advance for transition days

Children thrive on consistency, so knowing when they’re going to their other parent’s home is beneficial. Some children want a reminder the day before, but others may want to have a countdown to the transition day. Discovering what works best for children can help you to set things up in a way that benefits them.

Minimize what they have to pack when they transition

It can be difficult for children to constantly have to pack up full suitcases to go back and forth between homes. Both parents should have clothes and other necessities for the children so they only have to focus on bringing things like schoolwork and things they want to bring.

Your family’s parenting plan is the cornerstone of your relationship with your ex as you raise your children. Ensure that the terms and parenting time schedule are set based on what’s best for the children. A legal representative can assist with determining what issues to address – including transition-related concerns – and how to set everything up.



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