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Representing You In Post-Judgment Support And Custody Matters

Child custody, visitation and support orders reflect your family’s circumstances at a point in time. If those circumstances change, you can seek a change to those court orders.

Our attorneys at Kelly Byrnes Danker & Luu, PLLC, advise parents concerning a range of family law matters, including modifications and enforcement of existing court orders. We know how to navigate legal procedures efficiently so that you obtain a favorable outcome in a timely manner.

Creating A Strong Case For Your Modification

Our lawyers counsel parents on their options whether they seek to modify a custody or support order, or oppose a change. We establish strong arguments to support your concerns regarding:

  • Emergency modifications due to child endangerment
  • Long-term custody modifications due to relocation, the child’s expressed wishes or other significant life changes
  • Challenges to visitation rights
  • Modifications to child or spousal support order due to an increase or decrease in income, or change in financial need

When you need to change your custody or support arrangement, it is crucial to obtain a new court order. An agreement with your spouse would not be enforceable unless it is part of a court order.

Taking Action To Enforce The Terms Of Your Agreement

In addition to representing clients in custody and support modifications, we use the law to enforce existing child and support agreements. If your former spouse refuses to pay court-ordered support, we will present your case in court to secure back payments. If your former spouse violates the terms of your custody agreement, we will litigate to enforce your parenting rights.

With over 60 years of combined family law experience, our firm has the skill set to remedy a range of complex custody and support disputes throughout Northern Virginia

Together, We Can Work To Resolve Custody And Support Conflicts After Your Divorce. Contact Us Today.

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