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A Staunch Ally In Child And Spousal Support Disputes

When parents divorce, they face new financial realities that can severely restrict their budgets. Splitting a shared income can be challenging. From housing to utilities, maintaining separate homes is expensive. After you factor in child care, daily necessities and health care, you may find that you have to pay for more with less.

A skilled divorce attorney will promote your interests during child and spousal support negotiations so that you receive a fair agreement. At Kelly Byrnes Danker & Luu, PLLC, our lawyers concentrate exclusively on family law matters. We have decades of experience negotiating, modifying and enforcing terms for child support and alimony orders for families in Northern Virginia.

Your family’s long-term welfare is our No. 1 goal. Contact one of our outstanding attorneys today to learn how we can help you transition to your new life with confidence and not financial distress.

Securing Favorable Child Support Orders

In Virginia, a variety of factors affects the amount each parent is required to pay monthly. The formula for determining support payments includes number of dependent children, income, work related child care, the cost incurred to provide medical insurance, and custody obligations. This amount is not set in stone, however, and under appropriate circumstances a deviation from the child support guideline may be warranted.

Our lawyers represent parents who challenge support orders based on other considerations such as:

  • Responsibilities to other children born outside the marriage
  • Payment for extracurricular activities, insurance coverage, educational expenses or co-payments not covered by health insurance
  • Expenses related to raising a child with special needs
  • Travel expenses incurred during visitation

Whether you are fighting to decrease or increase the support order, our attorneys can represent your side in court.

Ensuring You Receive The Alimony You Deserve

In contrast to child support payments, alimony payments are not required by the state. Family court judges use their discretion when ordering spousal support.

The sacrifices you made during your marriage encouraged your family’s success whether you worked outside the home or played a primary role in raising your children. Now that you are engaged in divorce, it is vital that your alimony agreement reflects your contributions.

Our attorneys design aggressive strategies to secure payments that help you maintain your standard of living after your divorce.

Do Not Risk Your Financial Well-Being By Representing Yourself In Negotiations. Contact Our Experienced Attorneys Today.

Investing in our services is a smart decision. Before advising you of your options, our legal team will analyze your assets and debts. We will tailor a plan according to your unique circumstances and will take the appropriate steps to resolve your concerns.

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