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Designing Prenuptial Agreements To Protect Your Future

When you are in the middle of planning your wedding, meeting with an attorney to design a prenuptial agreement may seem unromantic or counterproductive. However, taking the time to develop this contract is often a prudent move.

At Kelly Byrnes Danker & Luu, PLLC, our lawyers are known for their ability to design strong prenuptial agreements. We negotiate fair terms in a nonconfrontational manner for clients throughout Northern Virginia. Our attorneys recognize the sensitive nature of family law matters and strive to minimize conflict while protecting your interests.

Customizing Your Prenup According To Your Needs

It is not only the married couple that benefits from a well-crafted prenuptial agreement. If you have children from a prior marriage, this contract can safeguard their financial interests. Business owners can include terms in their agreement so that business assets are classified as separate property. Prenuptial agreements offer these and other protections.

When you work with our attorneys, we will analyze your assets, debts and obligations. We use this information to draft a contract that address a variety of concerns such as:

  • Your spouse’s responsibility for incurred debt
  • Your children’s inheritance
  • Your separate property owned before the marriage
  • Your projected earnings, intellectual property and digital assets
  • The division of marital property and assets during divorce

Our clients appreciate the discussions this process encourages. Upon signing their agreement, they feel at peace knowing that their interests are protected. It is common for our clients to meet with us at our Fairfax and Leesburg offices to modify their agreements to reflect a substantial life change.

Whether you are concerned about keeping your business intact or retaining your inheritance, you can rely on our family law attorneys to safeguard the people and possessions you value.

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