How to survive a high-conflict custody battle

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Child Custody

Sometimes determining child custody can be relatively straightforward with both parties willing to make compromises to find a swift resolution. Other times it can be much more difficult because one or both parties take polarized standpoints that result in a lot of conflict.

If your co-parent is being unreasonable and making things difficult, it’s important you find ways to take care of yourself. Otherwise, the stress the high-conflict custody battle could cause could leave you burned out and unable to make the considered decisions you need. Here are some tips to cope:

Stay focused on your goal

Your co-parent’s behavior is likely an aim to wear you down. They may be doing it consciously or subconsciously but what they want is for you to give in so they can get their own way. Remembering what you want to achieve and imagining that new future can help you see current events as a minor bump in the road that you can navigate past.

Share the burden

You don’t have to face the divorce all alone. Sometimes just a few minutes on the phone with a friend is enough to pick you back up and give you the strength to continue. Alternatively, you may want to seek therapeutic help to devise coping strategies. A few self-treats can also do wonders. For example a massage, a meal out with a friend or just turning your phone off for a night in with a favorite movie and the kids.

You should also make full use of your legal team. They can guide you through the process and perhaps handle the interactions with your co-parent on your behalf to reduce the need for you to deal directly with them.



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