Tips for divorcing a narcissist

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Many challenges are inherently inspired by divorce, but things can become even more complex when your ex is a narcissist. A person who is affected by narcissism lives in a fantasy land that revolves around them.

Their tendency to try to twist situations can make it hard to work through a divorce with a narcissist. If you’re navigating this particular challenging life transition, there’s a few tips you should keep in mind.

Leave emotions out of the process

One of the most important things to remember when you’re divorcing a narcissist is to avoid letting them see any type of emotion from you. When they can invoke emotions in others, they feel more powerful and will continue or increase their antics. It’s best to keep a professional demeanor throughout the divorce and anytime that you have to speak with them after.

Keep documentation of everything

Narcissists try to twist facts in an attempt to show things the way they seem them. It’s best to keep documentation of everything related to the divorce to show what’s going on if there’s a question about things. It’s critical to keep copies of all communication since that can be a primary source of contention when a narcissist is involved.

Set and uphold your boundaries

Another critical consideration is that you must set and uphold your boundaries. A narcissist will try to push any limits they’re given. Refusing to let that happen may anger the narcissist, but it’s essential to do this for your sanity.

Narcissists often try to prolong the divorce proceedings to increase costs so that the divorce becomes a financial hardship. Seeking legal guidance from someone who is familiar with narcissists may be beneficial.



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