Children and Divorce: 3 Big Questions

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Child Custody

When getting divorced, co-parents often have a lot of questions. They want to make sure that this goes smoothly for their children.

The following are three of the main questions that parents tend to ask. They can help you and your spouse get started if you’re considering a divorce and trying to plan ahead.

1. Is it wise to stay together for the kids?

Staying together for the kids may be tempting because parents are often worried that a divorce will have a negative impact on them. But studies have found that children are very resilient, and can often adjust to divorce in time. Moreover, staying together in a high-conflict marriage may actually be worse for the children than getting divorced.

2. How do you tell them about the divorce?

You need to be careful when talking to children about the divorce. Find a time when you can talk for as long as needed, and make sure you answer the children’s questions. Additionally, this is a conversation that you should have as a family – you, your spouse and all of your children together.

3. What comes next?

After you and your spouse separate, it is important to focus on routines. This can create some stability for the children. You also need to work on setting up your parenting schedule. It can sometimes help to talk to the children about what the schedule is going to look like and what to expect, although the amount of detail they need varies depending on their age.

These are just three questions to start with, but divorce can be very complex. The more you know, the more you can look into the legal options to put your children first.



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