Benefits of using mediation to reach child custody agreements

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You do not have to go through litigation to decide your child custody arrangement. Litigation can be a time-consuming, costly and adversarial process that may negatively affect your children’s wellbeing. Mediation is often a better method of resolving child custody disputes with several potential benefits for everyone involved.

Mediation can help to reduce conflict between you and your co-parent. It encourages open and constructive communication, allowing both parties to focus on issues without a win-lose mentality. This is very important, given that you will likely end up working together as co-parents in raising your children for years after your parenting agreement is in place.

Meditation puts you in control

Court-ordered custody arrangements may be in the best child’s interests, but they are created via legal standards, not an intimate knowledge of that child’s needs. Mediation allows you to create a custody arrangement that considers your child’s unique circumstances instead of leaving it in the hands of a judge.

It is generally a faster process

With mediation, you will not have to deal with court schedules and other complex legal procedures typical of traditional court proceedings. You can do everything at the convenience of the parties involved, and agreements can often be reached in a matter of weeks, allowing everyone to move on with their lives more quickly.


Mediation is a private process. You will not open up your issues to public scrutiny in a courtroom setting as it is not a legal proceeding. As such, this approach can save you a lot of headaches if you value your privacy.

If you are considering mediation to settle a child custody matter, it is essential to recognize that every situation is different. It could be the best option, depending on the circumstances that your family is grappling with. Seeking legal assistance is crucial to make an informed decision and help ensure your rights and the children’s best interests are protected throughout the mediation process.



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