How can former spouses (and their kids) benefit from a co-parenting app?

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Even when spouses agree that a divorce is the best solution for their family, co-parenting can be challenging, especially when exes don’t get along. Some parents put aside their differences and focus on their children’s best interests.

Still, communication may be awkward between parents, which may present difficulties for their children. Thankfully, technology has existed for some time, giving co-parents a less stressful and easier way to be on the same page. They’re called co-parenting apps.

Four benefits for co-parents

Co-parenting apps don’t magically improve relationships between former spouses. But they keep the conversation focused on their kids. Here are some of the plusses:

  • Both parents stay involved: Studies show that children of divorce are more likely to thrive when both parents remain a positive influence. The apps typically contain calendars and journals, so everyone is on the same page for school functions, important events and daily updates.
  • Convenience: When families split into two households, much information can slip between the cracks. Apps contain essential information that both parents update and access, including medical appointments and records, insurance info, contact details and wish lists for birthdays and holidays.
  • Open dialogue: Even if parents aren’t on speaking terms, the app allows them to stay up to date on their children’s activities, upcoming events and concerns. Messaging through the app helps avoid confusion and claims of not getting texts, phone calls or emails.
  • Documentation: When conflicts arise, the app can be used to document the issues, such as a parent’s refusal to abide by the custody order. If a parent also sends angry or derogatory messages, these records can be shared with your attorney in case any further legal action is necessary.

So many to choose from

The best scenario is when former spouses come together and choose to get along for their children’s sake. But co-parenting apps also prove valuable for those with a positive post-divorce vibe. There are several apps to choose from. Free options are available but expect to pay a monthly or yearly fee to utilize all the features.



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