What to look for in a divorce lawyer

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As you contemplate your divorce, many issues and doubts will arise. You must face challenging questions regarding alimony, marital property division and custody, and make significant decisions. Fortunately, you need not go through the process alone.

Your most fundamental decision is who your divorce lawyer will be. They should be able to address all of your questions and inquiries. They will help you navigate through the divorce process. They become your partner in separating from your former partner. When choosing the right divorce partner, consider these essential qualities.

Specialization and experience

Lawyers have varying degrees of experience. You might want to consider a lawyer who specializes in the division of complicated assets or custody and support cases. A lawyer with years of divorce experience knows how to go through the process thoroughly and methodologically. They would also be familiar with the judges and the court system. In Virginia, the circuit court oversees civil cases and family matters, including divorce. Your lawyer should base their strategy on the previous rulings, similar factual backgrounds, and proceedings in both the circuit court and the appellate courts to ensure a more favorable outcome.

If their approach to divorce aligns with yours

There are different ways you can go about your divorce. You may have an uncontested divorce or one with major points of contestation. You can also consider a collaborative divorce through alternative dispute resolution or litigation. Your lawyer should help you weigh your options so you can decide on the approach you want to take. The lawyer’s approach should accommodate your best interests.

Empathy and respect

Your lawyer should make you feel comfortable. Divorce is hard. It takes a toll on you financially and emotionally. The lawyer you choose should treat you with the understanding, patience and respect you deserve and need to get through this turbulent period. You should be able to express all your feelings and concerns about the divorce openly.

A good lawyer will take each case personally and give every client the same professional standard of care. You deserve a good lawyer.




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