When children of divorce play one parent against the other

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Parenting Time

If you and your ex are divorced, it’s critical to present a united front before your children. This may help to stop children from playing one parent against the other. Knowing some of the signs that this is happening might help you to come together to stop the issue before it becomes a major problem. 

Discuss major events between you

Kids who want to do something specific may go to the parent they think is more likely to approve their request. If one parent denies it, they may go to the other one. You and your ex should always discuss major events, such as vacations with friends, so the kids know that they can’t slip things past one parent. 

Set ground rules that are consistent

Sometimes, kids will try to tell one parent that the other parent changed something at their home. It helps some parents if they have consistent rules between both homes about things like getting homework done and bedtime. The kids will know that they can’t just change things up suddenly. Instead, they’ll expect that their parents will talk about these matters. 

Make sure the parenting plan is in order, so your children know what to expect. This can help you and your ex to provide consistency that can prevent certain issues. Work with someone who knows how to find creative solutions to the challenges in your situation. 



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