Contending with anger during and after a divorce

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Of all the emotions that can overtake you during and following a divorce, anger is among the most searing. You may be justifiably mad at your ex-spouse for many reasons. 

Maybe they constantly disappointed you, cheated, lied or did not hold up their end of the marriage. Now that the relationship is finally over, you may be convinced that they could have done more to save it.

Whatever the motive for your anger, you are nevertheless living with it. That is probably holding you back from meaningfully resuming your life again. 

Putting rage in your rear-view mirror

Everyone chooses a different path for transitioning out of a marriage and adjusting to singlehood. The same goes for coping with the feelings that transition unleashes. Anger towards an ex is clearly one of them. Take advantage of an expert’s ideas about surviving your anger and ultimately ridding yourself of harmful ill-will. These include:

  1. Accept that there is no set timetable for feeling more like yourself again.
  2. Reach out to blow off steam to friends and confidants.
  3. Develop a healthy regimen of eating and sleeping well, getting outdoors and unwinding.
  4. Don’t deny your anger. Facing it will eventually help to let it go.
  5. When you are ready, preparing for the future can be invigorating.
  6. You might assume that forgiveness toward your ex will never come. With the passage of time, it often can and does.

Being angry under these circumstances is normal. Making sure that it does not last forever does take some work. Still, it is imperative for your long-term health and happiness.

Obtain good advice

Consulting professionals for objective, insightful guidance about your divorce-related emotions, and the divorce process itself can be a major step toward healing. 



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