Questions parents face at a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Child Custody

A divorce presents its own stresses and frustrations. However, when children are involved, the anxiety can be higher, especially if the parents are unable to reach a child custody agreement without going to court. One thing that may help those in this situation is understanding the types of questions courts across the country and here in Virginia will probably ask.

Some of the basic information that a court will need in order to make a decision regarding custody are listed below:

  • The judge will want to know what type of custody arrangement each parent is seeking.
  • The court will ask how the parents are handling parenting time during the divorce process and whether it is working or needs to be changed to better suit the needs of the children.
  • Parents will need to disclose their financial status so that the judge can make sure that they have the resources to properly fulfill the children’s needs.
  • Parents will need to show the court that they can communicate with each other regarding the daily and other needs of the children.

Since every family is unique, there may be other questions and concerns the court will want to address during the hearing. Parents should be prepared to give the court as much information as possible regarding their situation and what the children will need going forward. Even though the court will definitely consider the requests of the parents, the primary focus is on the best interests of the children.

Even a basic understanding of what Oregon parents facing a child custody hearing can expect could relieve some of the stress and frustration they must feel. Considering what is at stake, they may want a deeper understanding of their rights and legal options. In order to relieve even more stress and increase the odds of a successful hearing, parents could also seek out the advice, guidance and assistance of a family law attorney.



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