Staying together might be worse than divorce on  your children

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Divorce

Parents who aren’t getting along might be tempted to remain together for the sake of the children. While this is a good intention, it isn’t always for the best. Kids who are subjected to continuous strife can suffer greatly. 

Sometimes, parents try to balance this out by claiming that the children will be impacted greater by their parents divorcing. This might not be the case because the divorce is an event they can work through and stabilize from. Continuing to live in a home filled with fighting can be much harder on them. 

Divorce could give them better relationship models

Children are impressionable, so they need to have good role models. Thinking that it’s normal for a couple to argue constantly isn’t a good thing. They need to see adults behaving maturely and lovingly so they will carry those traits into their adult life. 

Your co-parenting relationship can be successful where your marriage wasn’t

If you decide to end your marriage, you’ll need to help the children cope with the major life changes. This is usually easier if they see you and your ex working as a parenting team instead of always battling against each other. Taking away the romantic relationship could be the key that allows everyone to relax and enjoy life. 

The decision to divorce triggers the need to consider things like property division and child custody matters. You should learn about the options that you have. Be realistic about what you can do so you don’t make any decisions that may make your life more difficult in the future. 



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