Being an active parent after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Child Custody

Parents who are married and share children are likely accustomed to having as much time as possible with their children. A decision to divorce means that they will suddenly have less time with the children because the kids will split time between two homes.

Even though you are divorced, there are numerous ways that you can still be active as a parent. You just have to focus on making the time you do have with the children matter.

Think carefully about the parenting schedule

It’s unrealistic to think that you can take time off work each time you have the children. You may be able to work with your ex to set a parenting schedule that ensures the children have time with each parent while they’re off work. You will have the opportunity to plan in advance, so try to keep the allocated time with your kids open so you can spend time making memories with them.

Think of new traditions

Children enjoy having things to look forward to. You can set up some new traditions with them while they’re with you. This doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Things like a monthly movie night or a day visiting local sites can be fun and lead to some great times together.

Making everything work after a divorce is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Taking the time to get the parenting plan in order is important so that everyone knows what to expect. As you work on this, you need to think about ways to set it up so the children can thrive. Create the terms based on what they need now because you can modify things in the future if necessary. 



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