Can a househusband seek spousal support? 

Traditionally, many people think of spousal support as money that is paid from a husband to his former wife after their divorce. They are a bit shocked to consider reversing those genders.

However, perhaps you are a father who stays home with the children and takes care of the house. You’ve done this for the last 10 years, ever since you got married to your wife. She makes in the high six figures, so there was no point in both of you working, and this was just the division of labor that made sense for your family.

Can you seek spousal support if you decide to get a divorce? Do the old stereotypes about gender even matter?

Alimony is gender-neutral

The truth is that you can definitely still seek spousal support if you’re qualified for it, regardless of your gender. This has been true since 1979 when the Supreme Court determined that spousal support should be gender-neutral.

The only reason that people don’t think of it that way is that in the husband-wife relationship, men in the United States have traditionally been the employed spouse who financially supports the family. This is not nearly as common today as it was back in the 50s or 60s, but stereotypes and perspectives have not always kept up with realistic changes within social structures. Both men and women can be the main breadwinners, and both men and women can stay home with the children, so either gender can speak seek alimony when necessary.

If you’re going through a high asset divorce and you want to make sure that you get all of the money you deserve, take the time to carefully consider all of the legal steps you need to take.



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