The importance of self-care in a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Divorce

Your marriage is unhappy, so you decide to divorce in order to live a better life. You will get that brighter future eventually, yet it is unlikely to be instantaneous.

Divorce can be somewhat of a rollercoaster, and you will experience a wide range of emotions along the way. Do not let anyone tell you that you are overreacting or being hysterical. Your reactions are normal. After all, the primary relationship in your life is coming to an end.

How can you maintain emotional stability during a divorce?

Once you understand that divorce will play havoc with your feelings, you can prepare for it. You have many vital decisions to make, so the more stability you have, the better. Here are some ways to prepare yourself for divorce:

  • Empty your schedule: Divorce will involve various meetings, and trying to squeeze them into an already hectic schedule will induce stress. Let someone else step up to the parent’s committee, let someone else organize the office party this year. You need to focus on yourself.
  • Ring your friends: Your good friends probably know your marriage has not worked out, and once you tell them you have decided to divorce, they will be waiting to help out where they can.
  • Plan some treats: You are going to have some horrible days in the next few months, ones where something your spouse says leaves you in tears, where you think you made the wrong decision or where you wonder if this will ever end. Building some pleasant moments into the weeks ahead will help you see that it is not all doom and gloom. It could be booking a weekend away with friends, ordering a book you want to read, or even just buying some bath salts and candles ready for a long soak in the tub.

Practicing self-care will leave you better equipped to cope with the legal issues you need to resolve in your divorce. Finding out more about the laws will help relieve the stress of the unknown.



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