Fighting words: Why divorce shouldn’t be one of them

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Divorce

Picture this: You and your partner in Virginia are in another big verbal blow-up about some topic you have wrangled about many times in the past. You get totally fed up with the whole heated situation, and you shout out, “I’ll divorce you!” 

People say all kinds of things when they are furious enough to put their inhibitions and all pretense of politeness aside. Most couples realize that those angry tirades are best forgotten, forgiven and not revisited.

It’s understandable that when your or your spouse’s temper gets feverishly out of control, threats are uttered that actually are baseless. You would not follow through with your stated intention of leaving your marriage. Even so, is it alright to raise the specter of a permanent legal break-up of your union when you are in the midst of a fierce battle of words?

Experts say it’s really not a good tactic to use, even if you are fuming and exclaim the word divorce out of sheer frustration to grab your partner’s attention and bring them to their senses.

Injecting the mention of divorce into a fight is out of bounds. It undermines the delicate foundation of your relationship. It will shake things up and be hurtful on more levels far beyond what you ever intended.

Couples hurl divorce threats at each other for lots of reasons

Here is a sampling of reasons that analysts cite for why spouses utter the word divorce:

  • Money issues
  • Intimacy problems
  • Adultery
  • Child-rearing clashes
  • Addiction
  • Not getting along well with each other

If you are at the point of routinely having ferocious arguments with your spouse that always feature hate-filled, nasty language, maybe it’s time to assess your marital woes. Either heal the ill-will or maybe think about concluding the marriage.




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