3 mistakes you must avoid at all costs during the divorce process

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Going through a divorce can be quite difficult. It is not unusual for feelings of guilt, anger, sadness and loneliness to fly around. While these emotions are common and should be expected, these emotions can potentially leave lasting effects on your life.

Given the mountain of legal, emotional and financial hurdles you may have to go through, it is not surprising that most people end up making very costly mistakes during the divorce process. Here are three mistakes you need to steer clear of once you have decided to dissolve the marriage.

Having intimate relations with your soon-to-be-ex

It may be hard to let go of the feelings you have fostered for your spouse over the years. However, you need to refrain from allowing emotional and intimate feelings lead you back to your estranged spouse’s bed. Having a sexual relationship with your estranged spouse while working on your divorce may cloud your judgment and prompt you to make decisions that are detrimental to your case.

Reaching verbal agreements with your spouse

Even if you have an amicable relationship with your spouse during the divorce process, avoid making any verbal agreement with them on issues about the marriage and its dissolution. These include agreements on child custody, property division, spousal support and more. Always insist on having everything put in writing.  Verbal agreements are not enforceable for Virginia divorces, and this can lead to feelings of distrust and resentment.  The best practice is to obtain legal counsel and have the verbal agreements set forth in writing and signed by both spouses.

Overlooking taxes when drafting the settlement agreement

A divorce settlement agreement usually includes the division of marital property and the award of alimony and child support. You must consider tax implications when arriving at any agreement that involves assets and money. Specifically, you should pay attention to tax implications when dividing retirement and pension plans.

Divorce can be a very stressful process to endure. From facing a potential societal backlash to dealing with custody issues and complex financial matters, the divorce process can lead either party to make costly mistakes that may impact their lives for years to come.  It is best to not try to do this on your own, but instead seek the assistance of a divorce attorney.



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