Request shared child custody for these reasons

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When you file for divorce in a Virginia court, you understand that it’s going to prompt certain changes in your life. As a parent, you also know that these changes will have a significant impact on your children as well. It’s helpful to your family if both parents are able to work together in an amicable fashion to create a peaceful co-parenting plan.

Most family court judges and practitioners agree that children the best possible chance for children cope with divorce in a healthy manner arises when their parents share physical and legal custody. There are several reasons why this is often the most viable option when your goal is to keep your children’s best interests in mind.

It is less stressful to work as a team

Life goes on after divorce, and there will be times when you must discipline your children or address a specific behavior problem. When parents share legal and physical custody, they are often more willing to peacefully discuss such matters and cooperate in working together to resolving the issue.

If you have sole custody of your kids, you might not feel like you can reach out for additional support when it comes to talking to the other parent about child-related issues. All families encounter relationship challenges, but such issues may be even more stressful when you’re trying to adapt to a post-divorce lifestyle as a single parent, especially if you feel like you have to handle it on your own.

Joint custody makes it easier to plan time for yourself

While your children’s well-being is always a top priority, it’s only natural that you will want to start afresh in your social life and have time to yourself. This is probably one of the greatest benefits of a shared custody arrangement. You and your co-parent can schedule personal time because you agree to cooperate and support each other in providing care for your children.

Financial issues may be also be less stressful with joint custody

It’s expensive to raise a family. As your children grow, their financial needs may increase. If you and your ex have a shared custody agreement, it’s possible to incorporate financial issues into your court order, too. In addition to sharing physical and legal custody of your kids, you can agree to split all or many of your children’s financial needs in a manner that you both agree is fair.

More reasons to share child custody in a Virginia divorce

No two Virginia families are exactly the same. What works for you and your kids may not be helpful to another family. However, sharing custody of your children in a divorce is often the best option because it allows you focus on your education or career since you know exactly when you’ll have custody and which days you are free to work or attend classes.

It might even help you strengthen your bond with your children because you will miss each other when they are staying at their other parents’ house. Divorce changes lives, but if you and your ex can work together as a team, it may cause less disruption and stress in your life and, most importantly, in your children’s lives.



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