How to prepare for your online divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Divorce

If you have an upcoming divorce, the chances are your court hearing or mediation meeting will be done using Zoom or a similar tool. Knowing a few tips can increase your chance of success.

How should I dress?

Dress well. Many people boast about how they only clothe their top half smartly for online work meetings. However, many people have been observed in shorts, underwear or pajama bottoms when they had to get up unexpectedly, their camera fell, or a wider view of the room was requested by the judge or the opposing attorney. Your divorce meeting is not the time for people to see you in your slippers or boxer shorts. Dressing professionally will also help you think professionally.

Where should I be?

A quiet room is essential for a divorce hearing or mediation meeting. The room needs to be free of noise and visual distractions. Having your children or dog crawling over you during such a crucial meeting will look unprofessional. If your home is not suitable, consider going to your attorney’s office.

How should I set up my computer?

Do a test run. The start of your meeting is not the time to find out your microphone, speaker or camera is not working. Consider having a spare set up to hand, just in case. Face a window. Side or backlighting can make it hard for others to see you. Sit far enough away from the camera. Sitting too close makes your face appear out of proportion.

First impressions count online as much as they do in real life. Show the judge or mediator the respect they deserve by being well dressed and well prepared. It is your future at stake. Show that you mean business.



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