Post-divorce child custody issues: Homework

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Child Custody

Virginia couples going through a divorce will need to prepare themselves for a variety of challenges. If they are parents, they have added issues to work out as they plan their post-divorce child custody arrangements. One concern many parents have is that their children get the best education possible, and that includes making sure they do their homework.

With many parents sharing as equal physical custody as possible, the odds are that the children will be spending some school nights with one parent and some with the other. Making sure that homework gets done will be the responsibility of both parents, which means they will need to coordinate to keep the children on track. Most parents have trouble doing this under the best of circumstances, let alone after a divorce.

It would probably help to coordinate a schedule that can be duplicated no matter which home the children are at on a particular night. This helps them get into a routine and provides them with consistency from home to home. Under these circumstances, the children are more apt to get their homework done. It also discourages the children from attempting to avoid their tasks because they know their parents are communicating.

Each parent has the freedom to spend his or her time with the children as wished, but some tasks that require attention regardless, and it could be said that homework is one of them. When creating a parenting plan, divorcing parents could include provisions regarding this issue. Putting the schedule in writing encourages the parents and the children to adhere to it, and with the help of a Virginia family law attorney experienced in child custody issues, parents can help ensure their children’s educational needs are not interrupted by the upcoming changes in the family’s dynamic.



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