Divorce season comes on the heels of new year festivities

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Divorce

People most involved in the industry have long noticed a seasonal spike in divorce filings following the holidays. How universal is this trend though, or is it more of an overblown myth? One author compiled the evidence and experts to answer that question. Fairfax residents with young children probably already understand why January is sometimes referred to by professionals as “Divorce Month.”

One expert in the field was quoted as claiming it absolutely true that January witnesses an annual increase in divorces. A study from the University of Washington considered the question using 15 years worth of filings. Among other findings, the authors of that study noted that filings in January always outnumbered those in December. Evidence from Google Trends answered a slightly different question showing a January 6-12 peak in search terms containing divorce.

The reason for the uptick in people seeking end of marriage will likely be obvious to anyone with young children. Even parents in toxic relationships are often willing to tough it out, so the kids can enjoy one last holiday season together. That same togetherness, the expectation of spending more time with a partner and his/her family, can also fuel the desire to end the relationship, according to one author and attorney.

Regardless of the time of year, the decision to end a marriage in Virginia can be carried out more or less gracefully. In some cases, there may be little concern for any ongoing friendship or communication, and the purposes may be to end all contact and ensure a fair share of the resources. In other cases, children or other concerns may necessitate the need to keep conflict at a minimum without sacrificing individual interests. An attorney with experience handling the sensitive issues of family law may be able to assist in filing, gathering documentation and pursuing all the client’s interests.



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