How divorced parents can help their kids succeed at school

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2018 | Child Custody

Each school year brings its own set of challenges to Virginia children and their parents. However, kids with divorced parents sometimes face extra stresses. In order to ensure the new school year goes as smoothly as possible, parents may want to create a plan for their child’s success.

For example, divorced parents should consider what they would like their kids to learn academically and socially this year. Parents could consult with each other and their children to develop mutually agreed upon goals. This could help prevent conflicts and confusion later on. Divorced parents may also need to discuss how extra expenses will be handled throughout the school year. While a divorce settlement typically addresses large child support expenses, smaller expenses like homecoming costs and missing work to care for a sick child need to be addressed. Some parents agree to handle these costs 50/50 while others choose to pay a percentage based on their income. Meanwhile, kids can also contribute through their allowance or income from jobs.

Divorced parents should try to work out an ideal routine for their child’s school-related activities. This schedule can be shared through a group text or a printed calendar that is posted in the homes of both parents. The official school calendar should be referenced when making this schedule, and parents should decide who can pick up the kids when they get sick or when school is dismissed early. Finally, divorced parents need to create cohesive expectations regarding their child’s homework routine. This routine should focus on ways to help the child concentrate and complete their school assignments in either home.

Parents facing divorce could benefit from the advice of a family law attorney. The attorney could help negotiate a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child.



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